Toronto Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements

Getting married or moving in with your loved one is an exciting time.

Getting married or moving in with your loved one is an exciting time. Many people ask when a marriage contract (otherwise referred to as a “pre-nup”) or cohabitation agreement is required. Cori is happy to have a frank and honest discussion about this. Cori does not want you to spend your money unnecessarily.

A marriage contract or cohabitation agreement is necessary if:

  • you own a home and your new spouse is moving in
  • you own shares in a family business as part of an estates freeze
  • you have children from a previous relationship and want to protect their inheritance
  • you want to reduce the likelihood of estates battles between your children from a previous relationship and your spouse
  • you want certainty and control
  • you are on title of property for tax planning or estates planning purposes
  • you are the beneficiary of a family trust
  • there is a significant difference in your and your spouse’s financial situations
  • you or your spouse has inherited money and either or both want it protected
  • you are married and need a plan for your future
  • you are financially insecure and require security in your relationship

To learn more about marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements please call and set up an appointment. There are many different options for making a plan for your life together.

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