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Collaborative Practice in Toronto, ON

The process of getting separated or divorced can be messy and complicated. In some situations, it can be a lengthy and costly drawn-out affair that increases conflict in your family. Just because you’re seeking to end your marriage or relationship does not mean that you and your spouse need to subject yourselves, and your children, to an unpleasant battle in court. There is another option: the collaborative practice or collaborative law approach.

Move Forward

People would prefer to handle their divorces without going to court. They want some control over the outcome. Cori has spent over a decade using the collaborative process and enriching her training and expertise to serve clients and their families better. When you retain Cori you will get the personalized and attentive service you deserve and the respect and compassion that you need to make the process more bearable.

Collaborative practice is a process which involves having the right people involved in the negotiation to support your family through the crisis of separation and divorce. The professionals involved are committed to having constructive, dignified and respectful negotiations.  There are no nasty letters between lawyers.  You sign an agreement that allows the lawyers to focus on negotiation, not litigation and puts basic rules in place to provide a secure, honest, safe negotiation process.

The process is focussed on what is important to the clients, and their children not on strategic legal positioning.

Key participants available for Collaborative Practice negotiations are:

  • Collaboratively trained lawyers to represent each spouse’s interests;
  • Neutral Family Professionals for parenting, support and facilitation;
  • Financial Professionals for compiling necessary disclosure, doing calculations, valuations, option generation assistance and evaluation of options, financial planning.

The Collaborative Process recognizes that no two families are the same and assists families through this challenging life change the way each family needs to be supported.

Divorce doesn’t have to be ugly or messy. You can have some control and have the support you need to get through it. Call to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of collaborative practice.

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