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Cori represents clients in Collaborative Practice, Mediation, and traditional, principled negotiation.

Regardless of which process you are in, Cori will help you understand how the law applies to your situation and she will guide you through the negotiation process so that you can make informed decisions.

With almost 25 years of experience as a lawyer and specialized negotiation and collaborative training and experience, Cori can guide you through these difficult negotiations.

The first step is to meet with Cori to discuss your situation, the process choices and make a plan for your next steps. Once retained, Cori will communicate with your spouse or his or her lawyer and establish next steps which may include exchanging information or having a meeting with your spouse and his or her lawyer. It could also involve working with a financial professional or a family professional. Cori will be involved in negotiating the terms of a separation agreement and producing a legally binding separation agreement. When ready, a divorce can be obtained from the court on your behalf.

Sometimes spouses have worked out the terms of an agreement or have been provided with a draft separation agreement, marriage contract or cohabitation agreement and asked to get independent legal advice. If this happens to you, Cori can meet with you to review the law and how the agreement impacts your legal rights and entitlements and assist you with gathering the necessary financial disclosure. Cori can also suggest revisions to the agreement or prepare documents to reflect your intentions. If further negotiation is required, Cori can engage in those discussions on your behalf and help you finalize an agreement that feels comfortable to you.

Cori does not take on every client that calls. If she feels you would be better served using a different lawyer, or a different approach, she will be open and frank and provide you with guidance as to who else may be able to assist you.

Mediation Services

Mediation is often a cost effective and speedy process for determining the terms of your separation, especially in a straight forward matter.

In complex matters, mediation with counsel present and/or co-mediation with a family or financial mediator are a very powerful processes for achieving a resolution that takes both spouses’ and the children’s needs into consideration.

If you and your spouse would like to work through the details of your separation with one neutral, impartial, experienced professional, a mediation process may be right for you. Cori is a trained and experienced mediator and an Associate Member of the Ontario Association of Family Mediators.

Cori will meet with each of you separately to understand your situation from your perspective and assess whether mediation is the right fit for your situation and, if is appropriate, design a process that will set you up for success. Joint sessions are held to walk through the information, including legal information relevant to your situation. Cori cannot represent either one of you or both of you as a lawyer. Her role, as a mediator, is to facilitate your discussions and help you resolve disputes. Cori must remain neutral and independent to mediate and she cannot do that if she takes either spouse’s side of the dispute. Cori will recommend that you have independent legal advice so that you are making fully informed decisions in the mediation process. Using an interest based model, she will focus on the goals and interests of each spouse while ensuring that the appropriate legal information is presented in as neutral a fashion as possible.

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